Influencer Marketing

Brandnew connects brands with influencers.
Our self-service platform gives marketers the tools to discover, track and work with social media influencers.

Connect With Influencers

Brandnew’s software allows you to discover influencers across all major social media channels. Track all data sources in one platform and discover the total impact of your influencer marketing.

  • Instagram
  • YouTube
  • Blogs
  • Snapchat
  • Twitter
  • Facebook

How It Works

Discover creators that fit your brand with rich demographics data.


Group, coordinate, approve and launch campaigns with creators.


See the engagement of your creator content across social media channels.

The Influencer Marketing Platform

Over 3 years of development has gone into Brandnew’s influencer marketing platform. Here are just a few features that our customers love.

Detailed Demographics

Discover new creators based on their audience.

Multi-channel Content

Seamless management of creator content across all social media channels.

Creator Vault

Onboard and manage creators in your private vault.

Creator Tracking

Measure the reach, traffic and engagement.

Campaign Builder

Easily coordinate complex campaigns.

Mobile App

Instant collaboration between brands and creators.

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