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Getting paid

Once you’ve made all posts for a campaign, the brand will approve and generate your payment.

You will receive an email when your payment has been generated and transfers can take up to 20 – 30 days. Transfers are made using the agreed currency from the campaign. Transfers will not be made in your local currency and Brandnew accepts no responsibility for currency conversion or bank charges.

In order to avoid any delays in payment, please complete your payment details on your profile. We require certain details to create invoices for payments and cannot make a transfer without these details on file.

Important: Please make sure to agree all payments within the Brandnew system. We will not guarantee any payments that are not on record on our system.

Payment details

Head to the My account tab. Complete the Personal details, Payment details, and Invoicing details sections.

Tax classification

In order to create an invoice for your payment, we need to know which tax class you belong to. The options are:

  • Private person
  • Small business (with annual revenue below 17,500 EUR) in Germany
  • Business (with annual revenue above 17,500 EUR) in Germany
  • Business in EU
  • Business outside of EU


Tax ID number

If you are a private person, you do not need to provide a tax number.

If you are a business, you must provide a tax number, also known as a VAT number or TIN number.

If you are a Business (with annual revenue above 17,500 EUR) in Germany, you must provide a tax number (Steuernummer) in the format DE123456789.


Payment details

Select the relevant Bank account type.


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