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Opt-in creators

To provide a diverse selection of creators in our network, we have a combination of opt-in and publicly available creators. Public creators have contact details, can be reached through messages and invited to campaigns, however they may take longer to respond than opt-in creators.


If you wish to see only opt-in creators in the search results then you can turn off the Show all option.


Creator and Audience Insights data

Brandnew’s platforms offers a variety of data to help marketers identify the optimal creators to target the right audience.

Creator details include age, gender, location, interests, previous collaborations and personalised bio.
Audience Insights include data on the creator’s audience by age, gender, location, interests and personal income.
Social media data is updated daily for the creator’s profile and engagement on Instagram, YouTube and blogs. Discover Creators active on Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat.

Unlock Audience Insights

If Audience Insights are not displayed on a creator profile, simply unlock the data and the report will be calculated.

1. Click Unlock data


2. You will be updated via email when the data is available, usually within 48 hours.

Note: We cannot guarantee the availability of data for all creators. The data is provided by Demographics Pro. 

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