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Getting started with Groups

The foundation of great creator marketing campaign is choosing the right creators to collaborate with. Brandnew’s Creator Groups is a powerful tool that helps you favourite and shortlist creators who may be suitable for your needs. Groups can be exported and shared with colleagues or clients, enabling you to include all relevant parties in the decision making and approval process.

Create a group

1. Navigate to Creator groups from the top menu


2. Click Create new group

3. Give your group a name and description to help you easily identify it later. Click Submit


Add creators to a group

1. Navigate to Creator search

2. Add the desired creator to a new or existing group

kb-add-to-group   kb-list-of-groups

Remove creators from a group

1. You can remove a creator from within a group


Manage groups

1.  Navigate to Creator groups

2. Next to the group name, click on the Settings symbol


3. Edit, duplicate or delete the group

Export a group

A group can be exported and shared in either PDF or CSV format.

  • The CSV can be downloaded directly from the platform.
  • A link to download the PDF will be sent to you via email. If you do not receive the email within a couple of hours, please check your spam folder.

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