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Inviting creators to a campaign – Creator selection

Once you have activated a campaign brief, you can select creators to invite to the campaign. Select creators from your pre-saved groups. If you have not created a group before you activate a campaign, you can return to the creator search to do so.

Inviting creators

1 . Setup your campaign brief and move to the Creator selection step.

2 . Select the group of creators you would like to invite. If you do not have a pre-saved group, return to the search and create a group.

3. To invite a creator, click Send invite.


4. Define the payment amount you will offer per post and the number of posts you would like the creator to do for the campaign.


5. Click Submit. A notification will be sent to the creator via email and on their profile about the new campaign offer.

6. To view the status of an invite, go to the Creator negotiation page. You can move freely between these pages throughout the campaign.

Please note: Creators have 24 hours to respond to campaign offers. After 24 hours, offers will expire. However, creators can still let you know they are interested after this time. If a creator responds after 24 hours, you can decide whether you would like to accept or decline them from the campaign. The time limit encourages quick responses from creators.


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