The Platform

Brandnew’s self-service platform simplifies the process of working with Content Creators. Brandnew gives marketers the tools to efficiently discover Creators, manage relationships, have outstanding content created and measure campaign results.

Creator Discovery

Search Creators

Search an extensive roster of influential Content Creators and select based on past content, geography, genre or followers. Profiles are vetted and verified.

Gain Insights

Use hard data to find the most relevant Creator for your brand. Gain insights on Creators’ follower stats, past content, audience breakdown, engagement rates and brand affinity.

Creator Relations

Onboard Your Creators

If you already work with Creators, onboard them to your groups to track their profiles and access audience data.

Easily Communicate

Communicate directly with Creators through instant messaging and easily keep track of conversations. No more convoluted email threads.

Campaign Mangement

Coordinate campaigns

Coordinate campaigns and content creation from the briefing stage through to reporting. Engage Creators for projects, review content and monitor campaign progress on a central dashboard.

Campaign Reporting

Measure Success

Measure campaign content success in real-time with live reporting. Track KPIs such as reach, engagement, account growth & user-generated content.

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