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Technology has made a significant contribution to the success influencer marketing. But sometimes you simply do not have a large enough team to work with all these influencers. In that case, our expert team of influencer aficionados can do the heavy lifting for you.

When you really want to make it big, but have more questions than ideas, we have partnered with a very strong creative agency. Together, we do strategic research around your brand to create complex influencer strategies and outstanding creative concepts. Ideally influencer marketing seamlessly blends with all your other PR and in some cases even with your own core product offering.

If you want to find out about how we can help you beyond just “here is your platform login”, get in touch.

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Our Services

Influencer identification

Based on your requirements, briefing, campaign concept or strategy we identify influencers for you

Competitor analysis

We analyze what your competitors are doing in the influencer space

Influencer strategy research for your brand

We do research for your brand for example around your brand values, market positioning, consumers and target groups that can form the basis for your influencer strategy

Influencer strategy definition

It usually starts with the analysis as well as research as described earlier and ends with a campaign brief for previously identified influencers

Complete influencer campaign management

We do the influencer campaign management for you from end to end

Influencer workshops

We can run workshops for your employees with everything influencer-related. From influencer identification via communication, negotiation to collaboration

Areas that need to be covered during influencer marketing activities

The strategy area can be broken down in the following strategic approach

The complete influencer campaign management process usually includes the following steps